American/Sage Theater

26. American/Sage Theater

245 S. Bridge Street

Harry C. Oastler built the American Picture Theater in 1916. Oastler, his wife, and their Great Dane "Greta Garbo" lived in an upstairs apartment. The ambitious Oastler also built an Airdome (an outdoor theater) across the street in 1921. 

Around 1940 the American Picture Theater became the Sage Theatre and a new marquee was installed. 

The Sage continued to operate as a movie house well into the 1980's until fire damage caused it to close. The street level was then modified to suit a Chinese restaurant, and then later a Mexican restaurant. However, the structure is no stranger to flames, as it has been damaged by fire more than once. The most recent of which occurred during the late summer of 2016 when the building was being once again remodeled on the street level. The current owner intends to rebuild, as the walls have been deemed sturdy. 

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