Ayers Undertaking Parlor

49. Ayers Undertaking Parlors (Sage Hill Firearms)

347 Bridge Street

This building, now bound with its neighbor by a common facade, was salvaged after the 1891 Fire that swept downtown Winnemucca. A major portion of the building consists of adobe bricks, made near the Humboldt River, which helped to prevent the fire from completely destroying it. After salvage, this building was a variety store and dwelling.  

In 1901, Dr. Edward Giroux constructed his office next door. His new office at 345 Bridge St was bound to the variety store at 347 Bridge, with the brick you see today. (Dr. Giroux's father, David, owned the Winnemucca Hotel.) At this time, a business called The Delta occupied the building.  

The 1912 Sanborn Fire Map shows this building as a motion picture theater. However, according to the Humboldt County tax rolls, Ayers Undertaking Parlor had taken over the space by 1916.  The undertaker was in this building through 1930, according to later maps. 

Today, Sage Hill Fire Arms occupies the former undertaking parlor.  

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