Block X Livery & Stables - Lumber Yard - Pumping Station

17. Block X Stables - Lumber Yard - Pumping Station (Tallman Lumber & I-80 Over Pass)

105 S. Bridge Street

There were several stables, and even a power generation station, that once occupied this area of Winnemucca. 

The northern most portion of this area, now under the footings of the I-80 overpass, was occupied by Giroux Livery Stables by 1904. At the time, Giroux was the owner of the Winnemucca Hotel directly across the street. By 1907, Giroux's stable was in the hands of Haviland & Hoskins. Haviland & Hoskins provided transportation services that began with animal power and continued into the automobile era. Haviland would be the first Mayor of Winnemucca; Hoskins the second.   

Just to the south, in the vicinity of what is Tallman Lumber today, was Winnemucca Livery in the 1880s and 1890s. By 1897, C. W. Summerfield operated his livery there. The property sat vacant for only a short time then it was occupied by Winnemucca Sale Stables around 1905. By 1912, the old stables were torn down. This area of land would then be developed by the Reinharts, who owned multiple properties on both sides of Bridge Street. The 1930 Sanborn map shows their large lumber storage shed and the Western States Utility Company's Main Pumping Station, which the Reinharts also owned.  

Robert and Marcella Scott acquired the property after the Reinharts. The Scotts operated Scott's Lumber until they sold it to John Tallman in 1956. The lumber yard is still known as Tallman Lumber today and the old Western States Utility Company Pumping Station Buildings are used by Tallman lumber as storage.   


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