Blume Block/Humboldt Hotel

53. Blume Block- El Dorado Hotel - Hotel Humboldt 

311 S. Bridge Street

In 1912, Phil Blume opened the El Dorado Hotel on this corner. It was a two-story impressive structure with a rounded corner entry facing the intersection. In 1917, the El Dorado Hotel was enlarged from two-stories to four-stories. The hotel boasted steam heat and offered transportation to and from the train depot. However, in March 1918, the hotel burned down.  

Then, in 1923, Hotel Humboldt opened on this site. This hotel was a multi-story gem. In addition to hotel rooms, it had a casino floor, a restaurant, shops, a Greyhound Bus station, and even housed First National Bank. Ultimately, Hotel Humboldt would meet the same fate as its predecessor when it too was destroyed by fire in 1975.

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