Central Pacific Railroad

65. Central Pacific Railroad

The Central Pacific Railroad, the western portion of the Transcontinental Railroad, arrived in Winnemucca in September 1868. Service between Winnemucca and points west began a few days later in October 1868. The arrival of the railroad gave Winnemucca the push it needed to succeed Unionville as the Humboldt County seat and become a bustling community. Winnemucca became a shipping hub for many of the ranchers in the area, some as far north as Oregon. The trains also brought people and supplies to and through Winnemucca. Including a few of the Chinese railroad workers that would make Winnemucca home. Railroad Street quickly became quite a lively place. 

The original two-story Central Pacific Railroad Depot burned down in 1888 and was replaced with a one-story structure. This building was ultimately torn down in the early-2000s.

The Central Pacific Railroad was eventually bought by the Southern Pacific Railroad, but today it is operated as the Union Pacific Railroad, as is the former Western Pacific Railroad near the Humboldt River. 

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