City Electric

42. City Electric (PC Computing)

330 & 332 Bridge Street 

This concrete building was constructed sometime between 1897 and 1904. Its predecessor had been destroyed in the 1891 Fire.  In 1904, this building had three storefronts occupied by a restaurant, a saloon, and a gambling room. By 1912, the restaurant and saloon were connected, but the remaining portion of the building was a barber shop. 

In 1937, Stephenson Electric opened here, but by December of that year the business was called City Electric and Plumbing Company.  In the beginning, the electric business only occupied the center of the building, with a barber shop on the left side and a beauty shop on the right. As the business grew, they expanded into the rest of the building, where the barber and beauty shop were, and sold a larger selection of appliances. 

In the 1970’s the building was modified to house two separate businesses with a partition wall dividing the interior in half and a façade placed on the front. The modifications transformed the building so greatly that it nearly covered up all the evidence of it actually being one large structure. Today, Performance Computing occupies the left half and Let’s Party occupies the right.    

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