Commercial Row - Block T, Bridge Street (site)

34. Commercial Row- Block T

221 S. Bridge Street

This prime area of downtown Winnemucca was continuously occupied by multiple offices and merchants up until 1981. Previously, the block had been wiped out by the 1905 Fire, but the lost wooden structures were quickly rebuilt with brick. 

The Star, on the corner of Bridge and Winnemucca Boulevard, had burned down in 1978, but there were plans to rebuild on a grander scale that included a 200 room multi-story hotel. To make way for the hotel, which was planned to be phase 2 of the hotel-casino combo, multiple properties were bought and demolished, the last of which was the Gem Bar on the corner of Bridge and Second Streets. Today, the would-be hotel site is an underground parking garage. The garage was originally intended to serve as the foundation for the multi-story hotel, but due to lack of generated revenue the hotel was never built and the casino was sold to Humboldt County.    

Some of the buildings that were demolished to make way for the hotel-casino were known as: The Gem Bar, Eagle Drug, The Paint Store, Ferris Hotel, and Scotty’s Club.

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