Corner Drug Store- Dirty Bird Casino - Ramasco Jewelry (Sundance Casino)

37. Corner Drug Store - Winnemucca Light & Power/Dirty Bird Casino - Ramasco's Jewelry 

33 W. Winnemucca Blvd & 302-308 Bridge Street

The Sundance Casino occupies three combined buildings— Nathan Levy’s General Merchandise Store on the corner of Bridge and Winnemucca Blvd (also formerly known as Corner Drug), one of Dan Ramasco’s former Jewelry Stores on Bridge Street, and the former Winnemucca Light Power & Water/Dirty Bird Casino next to the alley.


The oldest of the three buildings is Nathan Levy’s General Merchandise Store on the corner of Bridge and Winnemucca Blvd, which opened in September 1873. In the mid-1890s Levy sold the property to Frank C. Robins, who operated F.C. Robins & Company General Merchandise Store at this site until 1908, when the property was leased to Morris Hoffman. At this time, the building was remodeled with brick work and plate glass windows for his clothing store. In 1913, the Schramm-Johnson Franchise of Salt Lake acquired the property and opened a drug store. One of their pharmacists, William Stephenson, purchased the corner in 1928.  The business then became known as Stephenson Drug Company. Stephenson lived in a home at the rear of the property, (the site where the Winnemucca Light Power & Water/Dirty Bird Casino would later be built). He died in his home of a heart attack on Christmas Day, 1934. Pharmacist, John S. Black, Sr. managed the corner building for Stephenson’s widow in the 1940s. At this time, extensive remodeling was done inside. The exterior was modernized and the doors moved to the corner. Thus, it was renamed The Corner Drug Store. 

The buildings that front Bridge Street--The former general store, as well as the building once occupied by Ramasco Jewelry, survived both the massive 1891 fire that took out several downtown blocks and the 1916 fire that destroyed a major portion of Block Q.   

Today, the former drug store, along with the building in the rear that once housed Winnemucca Light Power & Water/Dirty Bird Casino, and the building to the left, on Bridge Street that used to be Dan Ramasco's Jewelry Store, have been combined and occupied by Sundance Casino.  

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