E. Reinhart & Company (Site)

16. Reinharts (Site)

35 W. First St.

At one time, the Reinharts' holdings took in several lots on both sides of this section of Bridge Street. It all began when Eli Reinhart opened "E. Reinhart & Co." in Winnemucca in 1869. Eli's nephews, Edward, Simon, Amson, and Moses inherited the business in 1892. In 1897, they built a substantial brick store near the corner of First and Bridge Streets, where a parking lot now exists. This brick store was only one of several structures that made up the Reinharts holdings here.  They also owned a stable and lumber yard across the street and, in 1912, they built the Winnemucca State Bank & Trust. The brothers also purchased and enhanced the former Staunton Saddlery Building, a.k.a Winneva Hall. The Great Depression brought an end to the Reinharts' long-lived business endeavors in Winnemucca. On January 8, 1952, 3 of the former Rienhart structures burned, leaving the Winneva Building (Staunton Saddlery) and Elks Hall (Winnemucca State Bank & Trust). Interestingly, the same night, Dyer Lumber, also burned down.    


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