Fashion Livery/Overland Garage/Kirk's Market

19. Fashion Livery/Overland Garage/Kirk's Market/Glenn's Camera (Site)

147 S. Bridge

Going back to 1868, this corner was occupied by Miller Livery Stable. The following year, Alex Wise obtained the property and renamed it Fashion Livery. By 1872, William Stock and George Carrol took charge of the stable. (Stock was a well-known Paradise Valley rancher.) In 1877, a fire destroyed the Fashion Livery Stable, along with the neighboring Odd Fellows Hall, a brewery and other structures in this block. After the fire, Stock and Carrol rebuilt the Fashion Livery. Then by 1891, Alex Wise once again became the owner of the property. After Wise died in 1895, George Nixon and the First National Bank obtained the property until George Summerfield, one of Wise's competitors, bought the Fashion Livery in 1899. Summerfield's partner, William Pearce, a rancher and driver of Summerfield's freight teams, joined the business in 1905. The two incorporated as Summerfield-Pearce Company in 1907. They were very active in freight hauling into the 1910s.

Weathering the evolution from animal to mechanical powered transportation, The Fashion Livery became the Overland Trail Garage in the 1920s and began to cater to automobile travelers.

By 1943, the building was used to repair slot machines. Then, it was home to Glenn's Camera Bar. By 1961, the old wooden livery was gone and construction began on the building you see on this corner today. It was originally Kirk Studebaker's store known as Kirk's Market. Kirk's Market was sold to the Johnsons who operated Johnson's Market here for several years before Olsen's Corner Drug Store moved in. Olsen's Drug Store has since relocated, leaving the building vacant today.

One lot in from the corner, to the left of Fashion Livery, was the two-story Occidental Concert Hall and Odd Fellows building. It was built in 1873. The Odd Fellows met on the second-story, while the concert hall and saloon were on the first floor. This building burned down in 1877.

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