Ford Dealership

22. Ford Dealership (Sonoma Grill and Shoreline Clothing)

49 E. Winnemucca Blvd.

Prior to this property being a Ford dealership, a single family residence sat on this lot. By 1930, the residence had received a new addition, a large commercial front facing US40 (now Winnemucca Blvd.).  During a time when Americans were discovering their love of motoring, this front became one of many service stations in Winnemucca. From the 1930s, until about 1945, the station was known as Worden Motors. It was a shell station that sold and serviced Fords. Around 1935, the remaining portion of the old residence, in the rear of the property, was replaced with a large commercial concrete and steel building used for servicing the automobiles.   

In the mid-1940s, Walter Johnstone and his son, Donald, bought Worden Motors and changed the name to Johnstone Motors. They removed the gas pumps and focused more on promoting the sales and service of the Ford Dealership. 

The service station and dealership was mended to a neighboring structure with a common façade sometime after 1975.  Mike Curti bought the building and opened Mike’s Ristorante and Cantina in the 1980s, which soon became Bidart’s Ristorante and Cantina. Then, for several years Las Margaritas, another Mexican restaurant, occupied this building. Today, it is home to Shoreline Clothing and Sonoma Grill.  

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