Humboldt River Bridge

6.Humboldt River Bridge (Bridge Street)

Prior to the construction of a bridge, individuals would forge, or ferry, across the river near this location. The earliest mention of a bridge at this site was in March 1865, when Joseph Ginaca, who was building the Humboldt Canal from Golconda to Mill City, had to take a break from the canal project due to the ground being too frozen. He put the men he had overseeing the canal project, Frank Baud and brothers Louis & Theophile Lay, to work "one mile below Centerville", and constructed a toll bridge known as Ginaca's Bridge, or Humboldt Bridge. The bridge was also referred to as French Bridge, likely due to the Lays and Baud being French. These brothers are also credited with building the Winnemucca Hotel. The Humboldt Bridge Company, otherwise known as Baud an the Lays, ended up as owners of Ginaca's Bridge and later deeded it to Humboldt County.

In 1910 a major flood caused enough damage to warrant building an entirely new bridge made of concrete. This bridge remains one of the last surviving concrete archdeck bridges of that era in Nevada. For this reason, the Humboldt River Bridge is on a National Register of Historic Places.

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