Krenkel & Bosch Jewelers

43. Krenkel & Bosch Jewelers (now Winnemucca Pawn Shop)

342 S. Bridge Street

Prior to the 1891 Fire, a wooden general store and saloon, owned by F.M. Fellows, stood at this location. After the fire, Fellows constructed the current brick building. Fellows’ new building was actually two store fronts, with a central load bearing wall. Although it is not as obvious today, this is still the situation with the current occupants, Winnemucca Pawn and Madd Hatter. 

In 1907, Frank Krenkel and Edward Bosch purchased Eagle Drug Jewelry Department. Then, in 1908, the men renovated the right half of Fellows’ building with fine fixtures and moved in. They operated as Krenkel and Bosch Jewelers until Krenkel’s retirement in 1949. Edward’s son, Herbert Bosch, then purchased Krenkel’s interest and the name was changed to Bosch & Sons Jewelers. Ed Bosch passed away in 1958, leaving his widow and son to oversee the business.  In the 1960s, the Bosches sold their building to Dan Ramasco, owner of Ramasco’s Jewelry, which was located a few doors down the block. Ramasco then moved his jewelry store into Krenkel & Boshes’ old building. 

In the early -1930s a façade was put over the brick. Today, this building is occupied by Winnemucca Pawn and six of the display cases once used by Krenkel and Bosch are now at Humboldt Museum.  

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