Magnolia/Ideal Club

25. The Magnolia -The Ideal Club -Club Barber Shop

251 S. Bridge Street

Before Winnemucca’s devastating 1905 fire, a wooden Magnolia Saloon sat on this lot. Pablo (Paul) Laveaga, who came to Nevada in 1866, was the owner. After the fire, (sometime between fall 1905 and spring 1907), Laveaga rebuilt the Magnolia out of brick and continued running the business up until his death in 1915. His daughters, Inez and Lucy, then inherited the property. The sisters leased it out to multiple proprietors over the years and the name changed from Magnolia Saloon to the Ideal Club. 

Sanborn Fire Maps show this building as a soda fountain during prohibition years. Fermin Montero, a rancher, became the owner around 1929. Montero’s nephew, Harold Larragueta, took over the business after his uncle’s passing. Under Harold’s ownership the business was known as Monte’s Ideal Club. 

By 1960, the former saloon was transformed into a barber shop when the Star Casino expanded and Club Barber Shop relocated to this building, from one across the street. Today, this barber shop, a multi-generation family business, is still in operation. A common façade blends this building to the one on the corner.

Interestingly, in 1934, an Ideal Club bartender at the time, Steve Martinez, was arrested for serving alcohol to women. 

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