Mimi's Dress Shop

38. Mimi's Dress Shop (Cat's Meow)

310 S. Bridge Street

By the 1870s this site was home to the Capital Saloon. On August 30, 1891, fire destroyed the buildings on both sides of Bridge Street. After the fire, only tent stands, or other temporary vending, was set up on this lot.  

A second devastating fire swept this block in 1916. It wouldn't be until 1936, that another substantial structure would be built on this site --the building you see today. 

In 1934, M.W. and Grace Beardsley of Elko, opened a ladies clothing store in Winnemucca. Grace Wayman was the manager. In 1936, The Beardleys built this structure at 310 Bridge Street and relocated their dress shop, Beardsley’s Dress Shop here.  

In 1946, Willis and Grace Wayman bought out the Beardsley’s and renamed the store Wayman’s Clothing StoreWayman’s Clothing Store occupied the building when Emilia “Mimi” Drake went to work at the store. Mimi eventually became partners with Grace. Then, in 1955, Grace sold her interest to Mimi who appropriately renamed it Mimi’s Dress Shop.

Today, the former dress shop is occupied by The Cat's Meow, antiques, collectibles and more.

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