Minor Building/Holman's Toggary

39. Minor Building (Cheers Bar)

316 Bridge Street

This brick building was constructed after the 1916 Fire which destroyed its wooden predecessor, the St. Elmo Bar. Upon its construction, it was first occupied by Frank Oliverius' men's clothing store, (also called a haberdashery). Oliverius, his wife and child, lived upstairs until 1923, when he sold the business to Lyle Minor, Oliverius' business partner. After the Oliverius Family moved away, the upstairs rooms were rented out to other businesses/professionals such as Dr. McAdoo, a dentist. Minor eventually obtained ownership of the building, in addition to the business, and ran the store until 1935, when he retired. At that point, Minor retained ownership of the building, but sold the business and all the store's merchandise to Sam Holman, the former manager of the men's department at Reinharts. Though the business would remain the same, the name was changed to Holman's Men's Wear. Sam Holman eventually purchased the building from Lyle Minor's widow in 1951. Upon Sam Holman's death in 1957, his widow, Velma, sold the building and business to Mr. & Mrs. Wardell, who changed the name of the business to "The Toggery". In the spring of 1966, Tom Wardell passed away. His wife, Marie Wardell, continued to run The Toggery for a few months, but decided to sell the building and the business to William Logan and Thomas Doughty in the fall of 1966. Logan and Doughty were accountants who had been working out of the upstairs offices. They hired a manager to run The Toggery for them. In 1971, the accountants officially closed The Toggery and sold off all remaining stock.  

A bronze plaque on the front of this building notes this as the site of the first schoolhouse in Winnemucca. The school house served the community from 1868/1869 until 1872, and was often compared to a shabby hay barn. The Central Pacific Railroad took note and helped to build a new schoolhouse for the community a couple blocks away.  

Today, this building makes up 1/2 of Cheer's Tap House.

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