Newspapers and Haviland Garage Office (Tapestry)

23. Newspapers and Haviland Garage Office (Tapestry)

45 E. Winnemucca Blvd.

This building was constructed sometime between 1912 & 1918.  

In 1918, this was the location of Humboldt Star Newspaper. Then, in 1926, E.P. Stites moved into this location and renovated it for the purposes of opening a garage. He even installed gas pumps out front. 

In the 1930’s, Haviland Garage took over the building. They used it as an office and single vehicle showroom. Haviland also had a garage and service station directly across the street. The gas pumps installed by Stites were removed by Haviland and the large bay door facing the alley, as well as the windows, have long since been bricked in. 

By 1965, the building is once again home to a newspaper, but this time it is the Humboldt Bulletin. Throughout the years, this site has been home to several businesses, including a restaurant. Today, it is occupied by Tapestry Boutique, a women's clothing store. 

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