Overland Hotel

32. Overland Hotel

215 S. Bridge Street

The Overland Hotel was built in 1913, on the site of the former Armory Hall which was destroyed by fire in 1905. The Overland had 38 rooms and was one of the finest hostelries in town when it was built. 

In 1929, brothers Frank and Pete Gartiez bought the Overland Hotel Building.  Although multiple different folks took proprietorship of the hotel, ownership of the building stayed with the Gartiez Family until 1945, when it was sold to A. R. Tobey.  

The Overland Hotel had lodging rooms on the upper floor, street level had a bar and gambling on one half with a lounge and restaurant on the other half, and a bowling alley in the basement. Over the years, the Overland would be modified to suit other businesses like the Pagoda Café and Glen’s Camera Bar in the 1960s.     

By 1980, the descendants of C.B. Brown had obtained ownership of the property.  An interior doorway now connects C.B. Brown’s Building to the Overland Hotel on the street level. Today, Overland Hotel is primarily used as display space for a portion of Brown’s furniture department.    

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