Peraldo's Building /Staunton Harness Shop

12. Peraldo's Building/Staunton Harness Shop (now Winnemucca Food Bank)

150 S. Bridge Street 

According to the tax rolls, this structure was built by May and Josephine Staunton about 1911, and it first appears on the 1912 Sanborn Map. It was first a harness shop, then by 1929, Joe Peraldo was selling Oldsmobiles and Buicks here. In 1933, when prohibition ended, Peraldo opened “J.L. Peraldo Company” (beverage sales). In 1949, after the distribution rights were purchased for Elko & Ely, Joe and his brother Louis rechristened the business “Peraldo Distributing” and moved to a site on W. Third Street (Winnemucca Blvd.) By 1952, The Stockmen’s Store occupied this space. In the 1990s, Sears was located here. Today, it is Winnemucca Food Bank. 

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