Railroad Meat Market/Pedroli's Meat Market/Mint Cocktail Club/Red Bull Coffee Shop\

24. Railroad Meat Market/The Mint Club/Red Bull (Ben's Liquor)

259 S. Bridge Street

Railroad Meat Market opened for business on this corner in the 1870s. This butcher shop and smokehouse withstood the block-sweeping flames of 1905, as-well-as the four-story El Dorado fire across the street in 1918. However, it was ultimately rebuilt of reinforced concrete shortly thereafter. 

Pedroli's Meat Market was the last butcher business to occupy the location. In December 1947, The Mint Club opened here. Joe Mackie bought The Mint Club in 1956; it was the first casino he owned in Winnemucca. (Joe Mackie was a prominent business man and promoter in Winnemucca during the 1950s, 60s, and early 70s.) He then sold it to three Texans in 1958 and bought The Star located directly across Bridge Street. When one of the Texans died in an auto accident, he bought The Mint Club back, doubled its size and renamed it The Red Bull. 

Today, it is known as Ben's Liquor and it shares a common facade with its neighbor, the former Magnolia Saloon

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