Record House

73. Record House (Desert Mountain Surveying)

146 W. Second Street


This early Victorian house in downtown Winnemucca was built in 1874 by William C. Record, a lumber merchant from Maine. Record purchased these Second Street lots during a prosperous period, not long after the completion of the Central Pacific Railroad, and just after Winnemucca succeeded Unionville as the county seat. This part of town was one of the first real neighborhoods in Winnemucca. 


By winter 1874, W.C. Record had a lumberyard next to his house and by 1875, was leasing a room out to C.H. Bogman, a physician and surgeon.  The Odd Fellows and Masons even published their meetings as being held in this house in 1877. 


The W.C Record House retained its integrity as a residence quite nicely over the years. It wasn’t until 1980, that a renovation took place and the residence was converted into a business, Desert Mountain Surveying.  


The W.C. Record House, one of the oldest buildings in Winnemucca, is listed on the National Historic Register. Desert Mountain Surveying still occupies this house today.  

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