Reinhart House

9. Reinhart House (Sonoma Funeral Home)

47 W. First Street

This house was built by Ed Reinhart in 1913, the same year the prominent Jewish family opened Winnemucca State Bank & Trust on the opposite side of this block. With the great depression in the 1920s and 1930s, the Rinehart's suffered financially and had to sell their properties. As a result, by 1930s, this house belonged to Edna Eddy, a nurse and mortician. Edna and her son, Hallie, operated Eddy's Funeral Home here for many years. While Edna and her son were both licensed chauffeurs, Edna was also a pilot.

After all these years, this house is still a funeral home; however, today it is known as Sonoma Funeral Home.

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