Sonoma Inn (now Winner's Inn & Casino)

70. Sonoma Inn (now Winner's Inn & Casino)

185 W. Winnemucca Blvd.

Sonoma Inn opened in 1947, on Memorial Weekend. It was touted as one of the finest hotel-casinos in northern Nevada at the time. The interior was decorated in a simple western theme. The property offered a dining/entertainment room, a cocktail lounge that had a view of the swimming pool on one side and the casino floor on the other, and a large fireplace made of local Nevada stone. Grand opening of the Sonoma Inn gave quite the show—they even hired mermaids to swim in the pool for guest entertainment. 

In 1969, the owners of Sonoma Inn claimed bankruptcy and Joe Mackie purchased the property. Mackie was a well-known Winnemucca entrepreneur who also owned The Star and the Red Bull Casino. He immediately renovated the Sonoma Inn inside and out, and changed the name to Winner’s Inn. 

Several other businesses also occupied the property such as a beauty shop, a gift store, a clothing store and before being converted into additional hotel rooms, Hutchin’s Motors was located on the corner of Lay and Fourth Streets.    

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