St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Humboldt Museum

 1. St. Mary's Episcopal Church

Located at Humboldt Museum- 175 Museum Way

In 1907, St. Mary's Episcopal Church was constructed on Lay Street, across from Winnemucca Grammar School. (Another former church building currently occupies this lot.)

The church has survived two moves. The first move was in 1909, when the church was relocated to the corner of Lay and Fourth Streets. This site is now occupied by Wells Fargo Bank. It served the community for over 60 years at this location. There was even a public swimming pool out back.


Then, in 1976, the church was donated to North Central Nevada Historical Society and relocated once again. This time to its current location. It was opened to the public May 1977, as Humboldt Museum and continued to house the entire museum collection until 1985, when a more modern building was constructed. 

Today, the former St. Mary's Episcopal Church is utilized for art shows, book signings, presentations, tours, meetings and is also rented out for private events. 

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