St. Paul's Catholic Church

69. St. Paul's Catholic Church

350 Melarkey Street

The original wooden Catholic Church was built on this corner around 1881 and measured only 35 feet long. In the early 1890s, the church was lengthened and a steeple with a bell was installed. In 1923, this original church building was moved back about 75 feet in order to make way for the construction of the church that sits here today. In 1934, the lumber from the old church was taken to the Awakening Mining District near Daveytown, for re-use in the mining camp.  

The current Saint Paul’s Catholic Church was Designed by J.J. Foley, a church architect from San Francisco. Foley designed it to depict the old Spanish mission style with Romanesque features. It was completed in 1924, at a cost of approximately $40,000.  

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