Staunton Building

14. Staunton Building (Phillips Furniture)

140 S. Bridge Street 

A portion of what is now Phillips Furniture, this building was originally constructed in 1878, by M.B. Staunton and housed Staunton's Saddlery, Harness and Boot and Shoe Store. M.B. Staunton was well known for his supreme leather goods including boots, shoes, saddles, and harnesses. Before the many improvements, this two-story structure measured 30 feet wide by 60 feet long. The second floor was used as a meeting place for both the Odd Fellows and Masons fraternal groups, while the street level housed the saddlery, hardware and boot & shoe store. 


In 1912, the Reinhart Family acquired the property, as well as a one-story building next to it. In 1915, an earthquake occurred locally and caused some damage to the Staunton Building. The Reinharts, in an attempt to shore up the building, completed a large renovation. The renovation combined the two-story Staunton Building to its neighbor, with a common facade. The renovated two-story structure housed professional and business offices as well as a lodge hall and banquet room.  

Today, this building is one of several structures occupied by and known as Phillips Furniture.        

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