The Palace/The Bud Restaurant

44. The Palace/The Bud (Madd Hatter)

346 Bridge Street

In February 1883, Frank M. Fellows opened the wooden Palace Saloon on this site. Fire destroyed that building on August 30, 1891.  Fellows then built a double storefront building out of brick. Although it has been greatly modified, this building still stands today. The left half is occupied by Mad Hatter and the right side by Winnemucca Pawn.  

The Palace Saloon had advertisements in the Silver State Newspaper until at least January 2, 1909. The saloon building was renovated in 1911, and The Bud opened on April 1, 1911. The Bud offered cigars and tobaccos in the front, a bar in the middle, with a restaurant in the rear. It even had a wine cellar and toilets. By the time The Bud opened in the left storefront, the right side had already been renovated for Krenkel & Bosch’s Jewelry Store.  

By the 1930s, Sprouse Reitz, a five and dime store, took over The Bud’s building. 


Although there have been multiple alterations, it appears the structure currently occupied by Mad Hatter is the same structure built by Frank M. Fellows ca. 1892-1896.   

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