The Star

35. The Star (East Hall of Winnemucca Convention Center)

216 Bridge Street

(Formerly 30 W. Winnemucca Blvd.)

This site was occupied by a saloon and rooming house before 1885. A two-story wooden building on this corner was destroyed in the 1905 Fire that swept through Bridge Street. At the time of the fire, The Reception was located here and was owned by David Cordano. Just after the fire, Cordano rebuilt with brick and quickly reopened his business, calling it “The New Reception”. Around 1915, it became known as "The Star Hotel", or simply "The Star". 

In 1957, Joe Mackie secured a long-term lease of The Star, after which he purchased the property. He expanded and remodeled the property and a grand opening was held on March 27, 1958, for the "New Star Broiler & Casino". In 1960, the casino was given a new external appearance with improved signage and neon lights. By 1968, another expansion was complete, adding another story to the neighboring properties The Star had already claimed in the late- 1950s. Ultimately, this structure was destroyed by fire in 1978.

In 1981, Bob Cashell, a former partner of Mackie’s, obtained ownership of the entire side of the block fronting Bridge Street and rebuilt The Star as an expanded property. Several buildings were demolished to make way for the planned multi-story hotel-casino combination. Phase one, construction of the casino, was complete and The Star re-opened July 1, 1982. Phase two included the construction of a 200 room multi-story hotel behind the casino, but that never happened. Unfortunately, the casino didn’t turn the expected profit and the hotel was never built on top of the underground parking garage/foundation. The casino closed in 1985 and the site for the would-be hotel is still a parking lot. 

Today, this structure is known as the East Hall of Winnemucca's Convention Center. In addition to event space, it also houses the Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce Visitor's Center and the Buckaroo Hall of Fame.  

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