Verdi Lumber - Dyer Lumber

62. Verdi Lumber - Dyer Lumber  

50 E. Railroad Street

In 1872, Charles Kemler began construction on a flour mill in this vicinity. However, it wasn’t until 1874 that he actually began producing flour here. Kemler’s flour mill processed wheat from all over the region, although most of it came from Paradise Valley. The flour was shipped by freight teams to mining camps and towns by the tens of thousands of pounds and local newspapers claimed it to be far better than anything out of California.  

Later, in 1911, Verdi Lumber Company secured a lease on a piece of property from the Southern Pacific Railroad. They constructed a 42’ x 150’ warehouse and quickly filled it with lumber stock. Lumber was shipped via train from California. Verdi Lumber became Dyer Lumber in 1926, when E.S. Dyer, a manager for Verdi Lumber, bought the Winnemucca branch. 

In January 1952, Dyer Lumber burned down. A few minutes after the Dyer Lumber fire was noticed, the Reinhart properties at the other end of Bridge Street were also discovered to be engulfed. The building you see here today, was a replacement built after the fire in 1952. 

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