Wash Tub Laundry and Site of Arcade Restaurant

18. Wash Tub Laundry and Site of Arcade Restaurant

139 Bridge Street

Winnemucca Pizzeria occupies two structures mended together. Each were built sometime between 1912 and 1930, then mended together in the 1950's.

The first building, fronting Bridge Street, was a telegraph office in 1930, but by the 1940s was a laundry. Ermon Stone, a former Winnemucca Mayor and city council person, operated Modern Cleaners here.  Stone eventually merged his laundry business with Frank Kihara's Nevada Laundry, which was located two blocks away. Their combined business was called Modern Nevada Laundry & Cleaners. It was about this time that the building was expanded and mended to another in the rear, fronting the alley. The building in the rear used to be Frank Saunder's Lightening Battery Service.

Arcade Restaurant occupied the lot next to Winnemucca Pizzeria that is now a portion of the blacktop parking lot. Catherine Elvetha Sanchez See Nelson, otherwise known as "Grandma Nelson" was the owner and proprietor of the Arcade Restaurant. She was known to have taken in young George Wingfield, putting him to work at the Arcade Restaurant before he went on to hit it big in Goldfield.   

When Winnemucca first began to develop, this area was a busy site. In the past, this lot has been occupied by a dwelling, a saloon, and a portion of a warehouse. A fire in 1877 destroyed much of this block.


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