Winnemucca Mercantile

48. Winnemucca Mercantile

355 S. Bridge Street

In 1889, the Masons laid the corner stone for Temple Opera House on this site. In 1891, a massive fire consumed several buildings in this vicinity of Bridge Street. The Masons were able to salvage some of the original structure, but ultimately had to rebuild. The upper portion of this structure was utilized by the Masons for meetings until the 1960's when their new lodge was built on the former site of the Chinatown Joss House.  

Some Masons used this building for their offices, such as a local attorney did. However, it was the Brown Brothers, who were also Masons, that started Winnemucca Mercantile in the 1890's. In the 1940's Winnemucca Mercantile became the first "self-service" grocery store in Winnemucca, allowing customers to fill their own carts with goods from shelves.  

In 1909, C.B. Brown sold his interest in Winnemucca Mercantile to this brother Turin. C.B. went on to build and operate a hardware and furniture store at 221 Bridge Street, where it still is in existence today. 

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