Winnemucca Post Office (Currently City Hall)

47. Winnemucca Post Office (currently City Hall)

49 W. Fourth Street

Before becoming home to Winnemucca’s Post Office, this lot was occupied undertaker Peter Miller’s house and mortuary. Miller’s buildings were relocated in order to make way for a new federal building, Winnemucca Post Office.

The post office was complete in 1921, and measured 46.5’ x 40.5’. It had over 700 post office boxes to serve the town. Postal delivery to houses and businesses did not begin until 1927, after certain criteria was met like having addresses displayed on building fronts. 

In 1940, the building, including the basement, was extended by 40.5’, and offices were added both up and down stairs. Over the decades, attorneys, an IRS office, and even a mortician occupied these and other areas of the post office.   

In 1991, Winnemucca Post Office moved into a new building at 580 Hanson Street. The old post office building then became home to Winnemucca City Hall.   

The enormous New Deal Project Mural, “Cattle Round-Up”, painted by Polly Duncan in 1940, originally graced the hall of the old post office on the corner of Fourth and Melarkey Streets. It is now displayed at the new post office.

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